Bioactive Questions!

The Wild One

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Hey Chamily!

So I have a 7 month old female veiled Cham, and eventually (I’m thinking 2020 summer) id like to upgrade her enclosure and make it bioactive, with a permanent lay bin and drainage system.So get ready for some Questions!!!

1) Is it even possible to do a lay bin and drainage system?

2) What are some of the easiest to maintain, grow the fastest, and are really strong plants that y’all use?

3) how do you do the beautiful backgrounds?

4) I know that you would need springtails for a “Clean Up Crew”, but are there different bugs that would help as well?

5) How does the whole drainage thing work?

6) What is the best source for drift wood and fake vines?

7) What is the best wood to make the frame out of?

8) is there soil covering the bottom for the plants to grow in? Or are they in separate pots?

9) how do you suspend plants without warping the screen?

10) Can you make a DIY mister and it still be the same?

Thanks! I’m sure there will be more coming! Please post pictures of your beautiful Bioactive enclosures!

The Wild One

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Also, what would be a good size? I have limited room in my room but I think I can move it somewhere else.
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