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Called Hi-visibility screen from the doors and windows section of Home Depot. $20 a roll and I could have done my viv 10 times over...


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I use exo terra’s, so substrate is probably 6-10 inches. I utilize the slope method as well. If I was going full custom, I like the idea of 2 inches or so of drainage, and substrate depths of 12-18 inches. I like thinking of the bottom as a giant planter. The giant volume of soil will accommodate TONS of benificial microflora and insects. I would look at it as though I was planting out the enclosure once, then leaving it to become it’s own micro climate/environment. All the volume of substrate and space in general should create an amazing self sustaining environment. Basically add water and light, and watch the magic happen.
I love this idea. I ran into a weight problem with too much soil. It’s close to a foot including drainage layer and slopes backwards. Wish I could make it deeper. Someday I may also build a custom enclosure. There is only so much a commercial enclosure can handle, but I love the idea of a deep, bio diverse base.
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