Bio-active Enclosure!


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I agree. Was just simply complementing that cool enclosure. I guess I was misunderstood. Let's keep the peace on here
Sorry about that, there is no justification for what I said.

I thought you "literally" meant bad.
I felt bad for the OP because he/she is showing something cool and I thought you were saying it's bad.

English is not my first language, and sometimes I tend to take things literal.


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No hard feelings. I understand you where defending someone. If I saw someone putting someone down or ripping them I would have done the same thing. I've seen way to many times where people take messaging the wrong way. Also we need people standing up for others. Especially in today's time.✊


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Hey! Just wanted to show of my baby cham’s bio active enclosure. The dimensions are 22"L X 11.1"W X 25"H which is only temporary until he grows into a bigger cage!

-18.5 Gallon crescent cage from petsmart
-Josh’s frogs bio active mix for substrate
-Hydroton pebbles for the drainage layer
-literally a cut off bottle of water for the siphon to drain it. Later to add a better way of draining.
-100% silicone + bio active substrate + random ropes and twine I found in my garage for the vines and climbing twigs
-some stripped and sanitized sticks from outside
-100w daytime heat bulb
-Reptisun 10.0 UVB bulb (later to upgrade to a UVB bar at some point as this one isn’t working great)
-Mingdak LED full spectrum aquarium grow light
-the big dripper drip system (1 gallon, now upgraded to Reptizoo solo starter misting system)
-10 dairy cow starter isopods from Josh’s frogs
-springtail culture from Josh’s 🐸
-probably some other things I’m forgetting

Cham safe plants:
-Devil’s ivy (golden Pothos)
-2 bromeliads
-4 small coleus (unfortunately they died off from root rot but with my better draining system to come hopefully I’ll replant and they’ll do better)
-suggestions for more plants?
Very nice!
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