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Just a follow on to Curly's thread,

What's the best and funniest time with your chameleons?

I haven't had Shiver long so haven't really got any good, bad or funny tales to tell yet.

So at the moment my best time was when i bought Shiver and every single second i've owned her.

No really funny stories either but every day she makes me laugh, she's such a funny little character :p
Well kind of funny kind of wierd. My male veiled when he was younger tried to attack me using his tongue. Came really close to hitting me in the face. Lucky for me I knew something was up when I saw him lock eyes with me so I dodged.
Mine took a nap hanging upside down like a bat one time (two hinde legs and tail wrapped around a branch while he tucked his from legs under himself). I thought he was dead or something so I got nervous and went in for a closer look and he woke up and looked at me like I was crazy.
The one of mine always recognise my mom and tries to attack her or just to scare her- and the funny thing is, that he does it right after she says how ugly he is! I know that he doesn´t have ears but this is strange... :D
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ive only had mine for a month one of the funniest things i have ever seen is the first time i saw treacle have a poo i was laughing for ages
Mine is when curly was on a hanging plastic plant and he tried eating a mealworm and when he shot it and he got pulled to it.
mine would have to be when diezel was climbing on the top of the screen and decided that he wanted to get to a branch that was just out of reach so he kinda jumped and grabbed it with his 2 fronts and his backs landed on a different branch and kinda side shimmied to where the 2 branched met.
I had one of my friends over to check out some pygmy chameleons I just got – they were my very first group. We witnessed a cricket come up from under a female brev and bite her right in the gular region. She squinted her eyes to show her discontent and whipped her head around and flung the cricket off to the side. She then promptly chased it to the other side of the enclosure and ate it. Now I know these are simple critters but that whole event showed some human traits and was very amusing.

Haha, Roo - you've just reminded me of a locust the other day.
I put the last 3 in with her and about 10 mins later she was quivering - i thought there was something horribly wrong with her, then a locust appeared crawling up her back and onto her head.
She promptly flicked it off with her back leg then ate it, it was very amusing at the time lol.
The funniest time was when me and my friend was looking at my cham in the tank. He slipped a bit then sort of run off as if he was embarassed(ok we did laugh at him a bit). 1 minute later he decided to come out to the center of the tank and take a poo right infront of us as if to show us that thats what we are for laughing at him!
This was an interesting moment too. Be mindful to keep the door on the chameleon enclosure closed – especially when you have a cat. Luckily for Chuck, the cat thought he was old news and wasn’t very interested in him anymore. Or was the cat lucky??


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