Beman showing off his big boy colors!


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7 months old now and looking handsome as ever! I just love him so much!


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WOW! He is soooooooooooo Handsome! I love his rich green colors and his markings are gorgeous! Those are great pics by the way.
Thank you! I had my camera out too but every time I would pick it up to take better pics he would not pose for me. So the phone it was today lol. He is starting to get yellows too but I love his pale blue that is now showing.

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Thank you!!!! It is funny because I have never been like this about any animal lol. My daughter says I love Beman more. HAHA I told her it depends on the day and her teenage attitude :p
That is tooo funny! I am alot like that. I think that is why my husband is not completely on board. The animals get more attention.:love:
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