Beginner needing help


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I will make a note about the branch distance, I have a few headlamps as my dad has a Indonesian ground boa, his girlfriend a something something ball python, and a day gecko! I found a set that is a fixture with a 5% to 6% uvb light for $60, is that a good deal?
What strength is the fixture, and have the bulbs ever been used? Sounds like a decent price if everything checks out on it!


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I do have to say I’m quite impressed with all of the learning and planning that you’re putting into getting ready for a chameleon. Making it even more impressive is that you are 12 yrs old! 😮 All too often we see people come here with sick/dying chameleons because they’ve done no research or planning and then there are some who refuse to take any advice. You are truly a breath of fresh air! Please take a moment to bask in some self-pride.🤗
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