Begging to come out!!


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Early morning, Noogie sees me and begs to come out.
So, I open the door and offer my hand, he practicly run up it in his excitement.
Problem was, he was falling a lot, and his grip did not feel very strong.

He also felt very cold on my arm.

I put him back in his cage, and under his basking light.

I assume his weakness was caused by not being warmed up enough??

I have to remember not to let him out so early before he has basked.
He could hurt himself by falling!!

Has anyone had a cham injure it's self because they were not strong enough
to grasp ?
Stan, I don't think he should have a weak grip and fall just because he hasn't had his morning light. I think he might have a health issue of some type going on. I would recommend a check up and when you go take some fresh poop for a fecal.
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