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The other day I was outside sunning with my cham :) and heard a loud buzz. I looked up and saw a huge beetle heading for me. I grabbed my girlfriend for cover and sure enough it smacked her right in the head! I think it startled my cham more than me. Any bug experts able to identify? Thank you.


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Looks like a June bug to me aswell. They get caught in my chimney and fly into the room at high speeds like you say- WACK into walls and me. Also in the back windows of our cars. I'd think it would be too chitenous to feed.
I have fed the occasional June Bug. Chameleon Journals actually had them on their bug page as a feeder, and I was going to link to it, but it appears to be gone. Too bad, even though the site hadn't been updated in some time it was an excellent resource.

My male panther eats them with relish. I wouldn't feed a lot of them because they are quite a crunchy meal.

I have also fed small ones to my brevs. They seemed to appreciate them as well.

Yes, the thought of feeding these kamikaze bombers to my cham did cross my mind, but the fact that this one was bigger than my babys head deterred me.
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