Bee pollen.


How do you guys give your chams bee pollen? And how often? I was thinking get the powder and dust a couple crickets with it, once a month. Any advice? I just know it's good for them.


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I gutload my crickets and Dubias with it. The crickets absolutely go nuts for it. It's like cricket cocaine! I tried dusting with it and it works as long as you get the powder form. You can get the granuale form and crush it but that's a huge hassle. Reason I stopped dusting with it was because I thought the calcium wasn't sticking as well. But be pollen does have calcium in it too so... I know people that do both with great success.


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You can dust with it on a regular basis. I put it in a coffee grinder and usually powder black soldier fly larvae 1-2x a week. I gutload with it as well.
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