Beautiful Custom Cham Cage - Local Pickup Only - Charlotte, NC

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Beautiful/Unique Custom Built Reptile Cage - This cage is set up for Arboreal Reptiles; Chameleons, Geckos & tree dwelling Snakes or even small birds or mammals. This cage would complement any business or office as a unique center piece or look just as good in any room in your house. The cage is completely self-contained leaving little maintenance except feeding, occasional cleaning and emptying of the catch pan and filling up the water reservoir for the automatic misting system. The Cage dimensions are 48" wide; 71" High; 24" Deep. The cage has 3 custom painted Jungle scenes; 1 on the front that covers the removable water pan (on drawer slides) and 2 paintings, one on each side of the removable divider. With the divider inserted 2 reptiles can be kept without having access to one another; each with its 4' X 2' X 2' of space. Remove the divider and the reptiles have full cage access of 4' X 4' X 2' of space. The cage is screened on all sides except the for the (2) 3' doors w/custom Lizard Pulls; this allows for excellent blow through ventilation. The screen on the cage is Green Vinyl Coated 1/4" X 1/4" Wire Hardware Cloth (hard to find). The frame is stained and has a water-based sealant to protect for a high humidity environment.

Included with the Cage is as follows:

Lighting - Custom Hood using a Exo-Terra Electronic Dimming Terrarium Lamp Controller w/Timer; with 2 Fluorescent Bulbs. 1-Exo-Terra 48" T-8 40W Repti Glo 5.0 UVB & 1-Hagen 48" T-10 40W Flora-Glo

AquaZamp premium misting system with Digital timer with an unlimited number of daily on/off times. 1 Extra fine mist nozzle; System can be hooked up directly to a water line or Reverse-Osmosis system eliminating the need to fill up the 4 gallon reservoir every few days. Best of all it's made in America!

2-Digital Fluker's Thermo-Hydrometers; one for each side of the cage.

2-Potted Schefflera arboricola plants; planted in an Organic Soil/Sand Mix.

2- Removable feeder bowls, an assorted # of bamboo branches and bendable climbing vines.

1-Surge Protector

The complete cage is valued a lot more than the asking price of $500.00. You will have to pick up the cage in Charlotte, NC. If Interested please send me a private message.....Thanks for Looking!

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lowering the cage price to $200 however the AquaZamp misting system is no longer included with the cage. The AquaZamp Premium Misting system (used 8 months) w/ 3 nozzel heads & timer is being sold by itself for $120.00 priority shipping included (lower 48 only), Payment through Paypal; please send me a PM if you are interested.

THX, Dave
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