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I've been peeking in the photo area at the cages y'all have and I'm impressed at how good they look with the plants and so on.
I saw one cage with beautiful bromeliads, do many of y'all use them?
There is one with stunning rockwork at the back; but I was thinking of lining the inside back with that plastic coated aquarium backing that has plant pix on it as well as real and fake plants inside the cage.

How did y'all decide how to furnish your cage? What worked well, and what didn't?
I was thinking as I planned my cage furnishings whether it would matter what colors I use, can chams see color and does it make any difference to them what color their habitat is?
Chameleons can see a full spectrum of color.
I know Heika's panther gets upset when she wears a red shirt. She told me about this when I had shown her an enclosure I built where the interior was painted red. He is a male panther.
I have since stuck with black or greens.
I think Will paints his cages white which is nice because it reflects more light.
I don't know if all species would feel threatened by a particular color or not but I would play it safe. They are so sensitive and there's no need to stress them out that way.

I had planned to put some plastic aquarium backing on the back of the cage, it has pictures of plants and is mostly in greens and browns, would that be OK?
Probably, although someone just posted recently that their chameleon was always trying to climb a similar background and would sometimes fall.
What is the back of your enclosure made of?

I am having him built a screen cage so all the walls are going to be screen, and I got a large roll of that plastic backing for when the cage arrives.
I sure don't want him falling but there are going to be a lot of branches and stuff for him.
Are you going to attach the backing on the outside of the screen?
In that case I can't see that it would be a problem as the cham would not fall off the screen.

I haven't gotten to thinking how I would actually attach it, I'm waiting to see what the cage actually looks like when I get it. Part of the reason for the plastic was to prevent too much water from mist and so on getting outside the cage. But your point is good that if there is screen there he isn't going to fall.
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