Beautiful Adult Female Nosy Be for Sale

Discussion in 'Market Archive' started by Ilike4hornedchams, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Looking for a local buyer for my Sexually Mature 1 yr and 1 month old Female Nosy Be.

    She's showing some great colors. Eating well and ready to mate it seems! She's the sister of my only Nosy Male I own so I don't wanna breed them. So please take her off my hands thank you! I live in the SF Bay Area of California Asking $160,
    can meet you some where in the bay or I can ship her within the US, sorry I don't wanna deal with International shipping, sounds complicated. (Shipping varies in cost but we can figure it out)
    Here are some pictures of her live thus far, plus the second to last 3 pics are of her brother and then the very last one is her father. MORTIMER!

    20161015_175705.jpg 20161106_102854.jpg 20161106_121109.jpg 20161118_183041.jpg 20161118_183224.jpg 20170111_122340.jpg 20160925_110919(0).jpg 20161105_092759.jpg 20161111_071614.jpg Mortimer - my Nosy Be Mystique and Night Crawler Sire.jpg
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