Beat the heat female ambilobe sale!!!!!

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Before it gets too hot to ship safely we are offering 2 bloodlines of Ambilobe females for sale at $150 shipped. 2 for $275 shipped!! Get one while they last. We have Spock and Cpt Kirk females available. Both clutches are 3 months or older. We have a few larger females and males that are not covered under this sale but are still available. Email us at [email protected] or call/text 972 841 9313 for additional details. Pictures below are of Spock and Cpt Kirk. These girls will be a great addition to any breeding project. All are shipped FedEx priority overnight through reptiles express. This offer will extend through June 13, 2013. Thanks for looking!


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Still have some of the Kirk/Iris and a few Spock girls available so the $150 shipped for one price is extended through this week. Looks like we have one more week of decent shipping weather before it gets too hot. Also have a couple unrelated male/female pairs available for $400 each. [email protected] for pics and other information.

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