Bearded Pygmy vs carpet chameleons


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I was thinking about getting a carpet or a Bearded Pygmy chameleon but I'd don't know witch one. I would like to know witch one is easyer to care for how big the cage should be and any other important things I need to know about them
carpets are beautiful...
i have a pygmy and it is more stress for me,
i just feel like it is much harder to judge the health
and they are fragile and should probably not be handled
even more than other chams shouldn't be handled.

An adult carpet is fine in a cage 14.5"x14.5"x25". That is the size of a 22 gallon Reptarium. Of course they can do well in larger as well. I keep my adults in 18"x18"x24" Exo-Terra & ZooMed Naturalistic Terrariums.

Here's an article I wrote in 2006 on caring for them.

Thanks :)

I have a pygmy & a carpet. I'd say go for a carpet. They're hardier & u can handle them. Pygmys are easily stressed & can drop dead for no apparent reason, I've lost 2 that way. Also, carpets have fascinating patterns
For me pygmys are a breeze to take care of not too sure about carpets though i might get one in the coming months.
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