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I have a 4/5 month old female panther chameleon, and was wondering whether or not I need to give her baths? I know that if ones are necessary (ei to encourage drinking), then its best to put them on a plant and have the water hitting a wall and 'spraying' back onto the plant/cham but I just wanted to check whether regular 'baths' are necessary for whatever reason? Even if the chameleon is perfectly healthy?


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Nope shower treatments are for extreme cases such as after egglaying/shipping/food strike. Normally a spray bottle with hot water (it will cool instantly in the air) will work to get rid of a shed. It will help it dry up and flake off easier.


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I will do a chameleon 'shower' very infrequently when and if my chameleon has an issue with a shed, or if I feel as if he is being a stubborn drinker, etc.

He seems to not be as stressed in the shower situation than he is if I were to spray down his enclosure and hit him with the warm water. When I spray normally I avoid throwing him into a panic by doing this :p
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