Basking/UVB for Baby Jackson's

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    I can't find much info online regarding baby jackson's; I've set up the same enclosure that I used for my baby veileds and was wondering if it was okay for the new one?

    Large screen enclosure with ficus plant inside.

    Currently, I have one rep5.0 UVB. The ficus is pretty dense and he spends most of his time under leaves and such, so I'm not sure if this is enough. Regardless, he gets about 3-6 hours of natural sunlight everyday as long as its cool enough that he doesn't overheat (its usually around 85-90 degrees here, I know babies are more sensitive so I bring him in if he shows any signs of overheating).

    For basking, I have a 150-watt daylight blue reptile bulb that I place really far above his cage, heats the top of the cage to around 85 degrees. I'm a bit skeptical about this, but I had it on hand and the breeder told me it would be fine as long as its far enough that it doesn't burn.

    Ambient temperature is typically around 74 degrees.

    When I put him outside, I turn off/remove all artificial lighting and take the screen off.

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    Jackson's especially juveniles don't need that warm of a basking spot. I wouldn't have it go higher than 80˚F until he is over a year old. I use something in the 40-60 watt range for mine as adults. You can use regular incandescent bulbs and same money vs. the reptile bulbs.
    In a densely planted cage you could go higher with your UVB but as long as he is getting outdoors on a regular basis you don't have to.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    He’s actually still a neonate which had me more skeptical about the heating. I’ll lower the heating asap; to be fair I’ve never seen him up there anyway. He stays low/mid and roams around.
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