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So I have had my veiled now since St Patricks day. When I first got him, he was only 2 inches long, nose to vent. I had a 60watt incandescent bulb for his basking spot, and it seemed pretty darn hot when I put my hand under it where he would sit. I changed it to a 40W and that has been working fine. But, since he is older and much bigger, like 6" now, would he need a warmer basking area? He never goes black or brown, always is green. Is the 40w sufficient?

How are you checking your temps? What are his temps now? You need a digital temp gun so you you know what he's temps are now before you make a chance.
Has to do with cage temps and how close you let him get to the bulb. Some have them with just 25 watt bulbs, im running 39 watts right now with a good 8" between his head and the bulb.

He is pretty small to just have a bulb so i would get/barrow a temp gun and make sure its 95F or below. Just sticking your hand under it isnt enough since you dont have dry lizard skin nor are you doing it for a half hour or more.

If 40 watts is to hot then raise the bulb higher or angle it.

In a cool cage he will be brown, walk under it and tan for a half hour and turn green when hes up to temp. When hes too hot he will turn real bright yellow/white stripes.
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