Basking spot.


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Yes, that's a little high.
Basking should be in the high 80's and up to 95 degrees. What kind of lighting are you using for both basking and for UVB/UVA?


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but yes 104 is a bit intense for most species. If it's veiled than 90-95 basking for an adult male is good. Most other species of all ages are in the mid to low 80s.


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Yeah, 104 is a bit too toasty.

What kind of bulb?

Just use regular household incan bulbs.

Whatever the wattage your using, change it to a lower one.

Always wait about 30mins to take your first temp reading, and use a good
digital thermometer with a long wired probe.

Pretent the probe is your cham, and place it in the basking spot at the same
height as your cham (not down flush with the surface of his basking branch)

Monitor the temp at this spot for a few hours and also make a note of the room temp and RH (both have a effect on your basking temp.)

I have to change bulbs twice a year. I use 40 (sometimes only 25W) in the summer, and 60W in the winter.
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