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Normal basking colors? I find my new little guy is way more colorful/changes color more than my female ever did. When he bask, he turns a rich brown with some blue markings. When he leaves the basking vine, he turns quickly back to greenish blue. Temps on both probes say 81.3

Also, check out this morning glory vine that threw out a bloom today in his enclosure. He uses it as a little umbrella when I mist. I tried to get a pic, but every time he sees the phone, he's like NOPE.


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I recieved it as a tiny cutting 5 years ago from a lady whos roof needed redone after the hurrican a couple years back. The vine only last about a week or two (outside), and leaves a lovely thick pliable benfable woody vine behind, then send up new shoots from the parts of the vine that lay flush on soil/sand. The flower only opens for a few hours...doubt I'll see it flower again inside. 😅🤣 also I looked it up, Mines slightly different looking than the one u put, but they mutate...easily, and I cross pollinate them with whatever is blooming from my collection. I know they got painted by my passion fruit, as it throws put leaves identical to it, then they made a leaf shape all of their a heart shape,but with passiflora extra leaf edges. Not to worried about toxins I allow my kids to collect them ect. I know some people use the seeds for "trippy" tea or something like that, but I've never seen it "seed". I've personally tasted the flower...(just to make sure it wouldn't burn my kiddos,chickens, or cats..) taste like hibiscus, but with soft honey/kiwi tone. Also, it doesn't leach sap when scratched or broken. Leaves are too hairy for anything to want a bite. (Except slugs)
Have tried the tendril tips (when I thought I'd be a food forest type gal.) They are bitter, like wild greens.

Bonus question: Anyone ever put a thornless blackberry bush into their enclosures? OR passiflora?? I have a BUNCH of babies, who'd love a pot upgrade. 😅🤔 I also have albo syngonium....but they are just starts..too tiny for him to enjoy them.
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