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My cham is in a screen enclosure 12" by 18" by 12"

and i was wondering if a basking area of 78-81 degrees is ok for my veiled cham.

I was thinking it was a little low. I am using a 75watt bulb, and i didnt want to change to a 100watt bulb because i didnt want to burn him.:(

If anyone has any suggestions, i will appreciate it....:)
I would say that is a little low. Veileds (which is what you have right?) need around 100 degrees on the basking side in order to digest their food aswell as many other things. How does he look? Brown, light green etc. Is he trying to climb at the top of the cage?
What does that mean if they try to climb to the top of the screen. My basking area reads about 95 F, and I see my panter sometimes climb on the screen right under the light.
Yeah he is a veiled. Hes only tried climbing to the top once before but he hasnt done it since. His color is normal, sometimes darker when i try to handle him to clean his cage or other things like putting the crickets in his cage, he shows his petterns when he turns dark. And when he goes to sleep he is a bright green as he usually is. Do you have any advice on how to get the temp higher without burning him?
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