basking all day?


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This is my first cham and I don't know how their dailly behavior this time of year is like. But When I look at my cham, all she does is bask all day under her uvb light and not the basking light. Is basking what they do all day? Cause that's pretty boring to watch. The first week I got her, she was walking all over the cage. Now she only uses one perch out of the many that I got in there. She eats when she wants, but doesn't go hunting. She is drinking and looks alert. But all she does is bask, bask, BASK!!! I'm still waiting for her to do something more exciting. The temp is around 77*-80*F in the morning. Then 80*-87*F in the afternoon. She is a juvenile still, maybe 2 or 3 months.
If she is basking all day under the UV bulb then I would really question that bulbs output. I would replace the bulb and see if she continues to bask under it all day. What UV bulb are you using?

I also suggest picking up a solar meter so that you don’t have to play a guessing game with UV bulbs output:

At first chams do travel throughout heir enclosure – but then tend to settle down and yes, choose a favorite perch or two.

The temp is around 77*-80*F in the morning. Then 80*-87*F in the afternoon

Seems too toasty for ambient afternoon temps. I prefer mid 70’s for ambient and 110F for a basking. Keep in mind that basking temp is for an adult male veiled.

lol... sorry I forgot to mention that the temp was for the basking spot. The ambient usually stays around 70*. But I'm using a reptisun 5.0 uva/uvb florescent bulb. She seems to always stay under that. Also, I just caught her moving around in the cage. But the problem was that she was moving around the ceiling of the cage. I know that could be a bad habit for when she gets older. I was going to put some more branches closer to the ceiling so she wouldn't do this. But I'm afraid she might get too close to the basking lights. I have the basking lights on clamps and they are about 7" inches away from the top of the cage.
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