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What the typical sleeping behavior of a veiled chameleon? Also at what light level to they typically go to sleep in outdoor lighting, complete darkness or dusk?

This is my 1st night with my chams and I am just wanting to know what to expect. Also I am doing this and assume it is as yes, but is everyone pulling there chams inside for the 4th?


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Sleeping pattern is the same as almost any chameleon dusk to dawn. Some will even find a place to sleep a few hours before dusk just so that they know they won't be caught in the dark without a good spot. At dawn I imagine they start waking up but not fully moving much or doing anything too active until the temps get to about 73ish.

As far as 4th of July you shouldnt have to worry about the sound waking them up since they don't have ears. If you're worried about the lights unless your blowing stuff up next to him in your backyard I don't think any firework gives off enough lumens to make him wake up. But if you are lighting them off in your backyard or your nearest neighbor is I would most definitely recommend it.


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Thanks for responding on the holiday guys, really appreciate the peace of mind you just gave me....I never expected them to be such heavy sleepers!
Not a problem. I'm at work tonight anyways so no worries there. Every chameleon is different though. I had a veiled that wouldn't wake up of I turned a 40w lamp on for a few minutes to do something and another that would wake up if I did so. @janjan20 has the right idea though. If you're concerned about light getting in cover that side of the enclosure with a sheet or something similar.


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It must be completely dark and they need 12 hours. Most will find their favorite spot and curl up to pass out till morning.


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