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I was going to get a Veiled Chameleon, but last minute the store switched them to Senegals, are there any major differences in the two, such as genderizing, temperatures, food, etc?


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I am only giving you my opinions here. Senegals are wonderful chameleons. The one I had was well tempered and easy to care for. I just lucked out. Most senegals come in with parasites up the yazoo, and they are very hard to acclimate. From all i have heard way over 85% of those that come in die within the first 6 months.
That said sent a pm to luevelvet, he knows more about senegals than anyone else I know. Good luck.


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IMO only..but i agree with the stated above..they are mostly wc and gut loaded with parasites..ive been lucky and had a few that lived for long times, but most just fall apart fast, even with an optimal set up..veileds are a much more "hardy" animal and a safer choice for someone newer to chameleons...just IMO
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