BammBamm Ambilobe females - great deal!

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Hello All,

I have 2 very nice females approaching 5 months old up for sale. These are very well started and have nice size to them and much larger than your typical 3 month old usually available. They are from my BammBamm/Pebbles pairing and hatched in early April. The Sire and mothers sire are pictured below. I will take some new pics tomorrow of the females and can email or Facebook them to you.

Price is $120 + actual shipping costs (varies from 25-50 depending on location).
Please PM me with your zip code for a quote.
For more pics of BammBamm check out our Facebook in my signature.
Thanks for looking,

Girl #2 is sold, they are going quick at this price. After #3 is sold it will be another 2-3 weeks until more from this pair are available.
Girl #3 is sold. I will post more when ready. A few smaller females(3 months old) are available if interested let me know.




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