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After doing much research on the various indicators of my chameleon's health I am stil l at a loss as to whether she is tickedy-boo.

When I turned the lights on this morning she was already awake, which hasn't happened before, and she was very very dark.

After about half an hour she is still very dark and clumsy. When I say clumsy I mean she almost fell off one of her branches.

I left a small amount of water in the terra last night which I'm thinking may have contributed to low temperatures which have made her uncomfortably cold.

However last night she was demonstrating some very odd behaviour.

She was lurking around the UV (which is normal) but opened her mouth very very wide more than once as if trying to clear her throat of some foreign object. There was nothing in her mouth.

Then she started kicking out at a fairly large locust that was pissing about on her leg. So I thought that maybe she was frightened of the locust. So I removed the locust. Even after I had removed the locust she opened her mouth in the aforementioned suspect fashion at least twice after that. Very odd.

Anyway I then re-introduced the large locust and she yummed it up. Another one. So she isn't actually off her food. But she did remain on the UV with her mouth open. So I started thinking maybe she is too hot. So I turned off the 60w basking bulb I have near the front of the 45x45x60 terra.

She still opened her mouth sporadically. No excess mucus. No coughing. Hiccuped like twice that I saw and excessively expanded her lungs at least once.

So I'm at a loss. I'm going to just monitor her today but if anyone knows exactly what could be the matter, if indeed there is one, I appreciate any advice...
Please fill this out, she may have a URI, she may have eatin something, got it down but damaged something while swollowing, could be many things

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