Bad Press for PetSmart

little leaf

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I will say, and I know mine is an exception- but the petsmart in our area, is very good to the animals- but many of the employees also own just these animals - but I am glad to see this being addressed in the paper, and not just us bugging them when we go in - but keep bugging people !!!! maybe the big chain stores will start to get the drift the mistreatment of reptiles is no different than the mistreatment of the cute kitten a few rows over - thanks for posting this :)

Humber Brad

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I agree they aren't all bad. The one here isn't perfect, but it's far from negligent. However, when I went to one in my hometown in Newfoundland, they had some small veileds and I had to get them to check on them because they didn't seem to be doing so well. If press like this helps move the parent company to change their company policies and practices so that all the pets they sell are well cared for across the board, it's all to the greater good.
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