Bad ant problem


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So for the past 3 days I’ve seen a regular tiny black ant here and there but since yesterday it’s gone to a whole new level. I found out that they are kind of living under the potted pothos and umbrella plants (live plants, and I covered the dirt with big river rocks). I don’t know where they’re coming from and I certainly don’t want my cham eating them, I haven’t caught him eat any but I have seen him eyeballing them once or twice. Any help would be appreaciated rn :) Thanks


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Terro liquid ant traps. Put them outside the cage and watch as the ants flock to it. I've been using them for years in my massive habitats to keep ants under control. I do NOT free range food items I should add.

In your case I said put them outside the cage. They work wonders and I'm not aware of any adult chams eating ants.


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Can speak for the terro liquid traps as well. I had a terrible ant problem, all through my enclosures(chams won't eat them). I put the traps outside the cages along where they seemed to be walking.

Btw ants are commonly drawn to aphids pests on plants. They will actually protect the aphids in order to feed off the sweet droppings they leave. The only nice thing is they kill all of the other pests and aerate the soil lol.
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