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Nice animals! I've been admiring your picture on FB. I'm sure everyone here would enjoy more pictures too.


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Hi Brad,
we have from every Animal the GPS Datas... but ist not for Public...
then ist like a shopping-List for People who whants to smuggle These animals.
Thats why we dont put the Coordinates on the Pictures...
thanx for understanding
Thanks for the quick reply. I do understand and I think that is an excellent idea. I guess my question was a little naive. My thinking was that it might help resolve the occasional argument on what a specific panther locale should look like, but their proper conservation is more important. Thanks again for sharing!


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Hi All,
thanx... the Website will be Change like a Kind of Magazin. More Multimedia, and also more Chameleon-Species, and more colourmorphs of pardalis, on it (also Brookesias)
we are collecting more Datas for all species that we found, and will post them
on our Website.
Our Plan is also to put this Webpage in English, but my english is not good enaugh for this.

First we collect more Datas, make more Pictures and Movies...
and then we make the Website more nice... if someone whant to join us on our Chameleon-Expedition find more Infos here


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