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I've noticed that some of the spikes on the back of my Veiled chameleon are starting to look like they are rotting... not sure if that is a good way to put it, but the last time she shed is when that happened. She eats regularly and uses the bathroom. I haven't seen any strange signs out of her yet. Please help.


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yea I thought where she sits and basks was too close, so I moved her branch down about an inch and a half. that has kinda helped..


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I would see if a moderator like ferritinmyshoes could move this to the health section. If it is indeed a burn you might want to get a little more specific advice.

Also has your chameleon been eating any type of pheonix worm, or just any worms in general? Sometimes chameleons turn darker in spots when they eat (I think it's pheonix worms) pheonix worms and people tend to panic but it goes away in a matter of days or a week or so.

If it is indeed a burn, JUST moving the basking branch down is not going to help as she is already burned.

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