Baby's are getting there turquoise colors!

My 5 month old baby veileds are starting to show there awsome turquoise and getting huge!!! The big beautiful sire is the top photo. The last was the baby's at 2 months.:)


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Thakyou guys i have 64 baby's from 2 different clutches. The males name is toothless. He is a big veiled, but actualy very friendly and dosent mind climbing out of his enclosure for a lift on my back:)
beautiful chams. I def want a high turquoise male veiled for my next cham!

your female is amazing aswell! crazy how some of their colors turn out...
Thanks guys. I got his name from a movie called How to train your dragon. I let my nephew name him and thats is favrote movie. I dont have any pictures of the female at the momment of her not gravid sorry Jann.
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