Baby veiled not eatting


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Hi everyone,

My baby veiled chameleon, Gomez, is not eatting.. I've had him for 8 days now, but I'm lucky if he will eat 1 cricket a day.. The pet stores around here only have big mealworms and superworms (which I thought I read were bad for them?)

What can I do?
Hi. I also have a baby Veiled Chameleon who was not eating for a while after he came home. Someone mentioned that he was probably just still too stressed to start eating, I think he eventually got hungry enough to go after the crickets. I too was told that the meal and super worms aren't the best thing for the babies to eat, I guess it can cause blockages?

I don't have any advice since I'm a new chameleon owner myself but I'm sure it's just his nerves. Does he seem to be active and moving around like normal? I would be concerned if he was lethargic. How is his color? I think their color is based upon how they feel or changes depending on heat, humidity, etc. I hope he'll finally get hungry or comfortable enough and get after the crickets! c:
Chances are your cham is still stressed from the transition. It usually takes them time to get used to their new surroundings. I would try not to handle him during this time. The only interaction he should have with you for right now is feeding and misting the cage. As far as meal worms and supers, they aren't the best feeder, since they are high in fat, but my chameleon loves superworms. Good luck and I hope he starts eating :)
Is there anything else Ivan try to feed him, he's quite small.. 1.75"-2" from nose to vent. And the pet stores around here do not sell crickets in sizes they just scoop them out big or small. I heard stuff about feeding them organic baby food, does anyone know anything about this?
They need bugs, not baby food, that is only given if they are sick.

You wil need to order bugs from an online retailer if you cant find them small enough.

Do you have a petco nearby?

They sell fruit fly cultures for 9.99. they are in jars, in the reptile section.
Okay that's good to know thank you! Also no petco's near me! I'm in Canada,

I will definitely look into buying online. Does anyone know any online retailers in Canada?
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