Baby pygmy chams!!

I can home today to an amazing surprise!! 3 of my 21 pygmy eggs had hatched!! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372372803.248755.jpg
I'm extremely happy and am looking forward to getting my breeding program started!!
What is the best way to house these little guys? I have mini tubs set up like there parents would be kept. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!


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Wow that's a lot of eggs!! Congrats! :D Isn't it amazing how tiny they are? I kept mine at temps 74-77 which seemed to work best for them. I misted them twice daily and fed ~5 fruit flies per Pygmy baby twice a day. I didn't use UVB lighting over them but they can get MBD without enough calcium supplementation from my experience. I dusted the fruit flies lightly with calcium (no d3 or phos) once weekly for the first three months then once every other week after that. They can be upgraded to pinheads or slightly larger crickets at 3-4 months of age normally. I found it easiest to keep babies in a critter keeper with fake plants so I could clean it easily and fine them a lot faster since they're so tiny. I also felt they could find the ff easier when it was a little more sparse. If you have them in planted viv then I'd feed probably at least 10 ff per baby to make sure they can find them. in the babies I raised in a critter keeper you could practically see the fascination with dirt and leaves once they were introduced to planted vivs later. They'd investigate the bottom for a couple of days and slowly start walking on it more and more.

Congrats on your little ones! Keep us updated on how they do!
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