Baby panther. Male or female?

When I bought this little guy I was told they were unsure of gender, however best guess was male. I’m almost convinced it’s a little girl at this point but this is my first Cham and would like a experienced person to help identify. Also, as a new Cham mom, I’m worried about my care for my new addition. Does their weight look healthy, etc? Thanks so much



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Although I cannot 100% say for certain your chameleon is a female, based on the pictures I can see that your cham does not have a hemipenal bulge which is what males have. However, sexing only based on the bulge is not always accurate. They do look healthy though so I do not think you should worry too much about the weight
She looks like my females, showing nice color so far, my females are more friendly than my males
I agree! I love my male and female equally, but my female tends to tolerate humans much more! One of my will eat right out of my hand whenever it is offered. She is just a sweetie.
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