Baby Panther, just curious


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I have never had a panther chameleon (only veiled's and several other kinds of reptiles and amphibians), and never had a chameleon that was so young so this is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me.

I have a male ambilobe that is almost 7 weeks old, named "Lobi". I've had him for about a week and a half, and he's been doing very well. He eats and drinks great, his fecal and urate look normal, and he is pretty friendly. He shed about 4 days ago, and was great. I dust his crickets every day with the Repti-Cal without D3, but have not yet done the dusting with D3 or the dusting with beta carotene (because i've only had him a week and a half, but will be starting that schedule this week). I have an automatic mister, and the humidity usually stays between 60 & 70%. The temp during the day is usually between 80 & 84, and at night is usually around 75. He's currently in a half glass, half screen enclosure that is 12 x 12 x 18". He's in the corner of the dining room (which almost never gets used), and is a very low-traffic area.

The only thing I have been concerned about is that he will get really dark at times, especially about 3 hours before his lights go out. As the first attached photo shows. Just curious if he looks good, and because he's so young I'm not sure if he's still adjusting, or if there's anything I should be doing. I've handled him a few times and take him outside for natural sun when I can, and when I do he's alway a very light brown color and is starting to show some green.

I really just need some confirmation if I'm doing everything correctly and if anyone has any suggestions! I love this little guy so much already & really want him to be as happy and healthy as possible!


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Seems like everything is fine. What lights are you using? The are really bright.

I agree! Please tell us what lights you are using. It is VERY important to your chameleon's health. Also, welcome and congrats on your new little guy. He is adorable!
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