baby panther cham has crust in one eye and the other looks weird :(


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Hey everyone Im new to the forum and was hoping someone can help me. I just got a baby panther about 3 weeks ago from a reptile pet store he was fine and looked healthy. Now its been a few days and ive noticed he's been developing crust in his left eye but when I give hime a good misting and gently swipe it with a q tip his eye looks fine. His right eye seems to have some kind of "fold" or bump. When I mist him really good his eye looks like its almost bulging and you can see a bump under his skin. I'm really concerned as he is a pretty small baby and I dont want it to cause more problems than nacessary if I can help it. He lives inside my apt, his cage is big for his size so he's comfortable in there. Mist him 3-4 times a day, he has a UV tube bulb and red heating lamp that are on and off 12/12. Can anyone please help me understand what this is and what to do?? Thank you so much in advance!


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It looks like something stuck in the eye. If the long mistings don't wash it out a vet visit may be in order.
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