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We bought two baby panthers yesterday at the expo. We placed them both in the same aquarium for now. The one we bought from Will is constantly eating crickets and silkworms. We have not seen the other one eat as of yet, she may be eating but we have not seen it. I put a silkworm on my hand and she seemed scared of it and ran away. We are using baby silkworms and 1/4" crickets. Could it be just the stress of moving and a new cage. She is two months old and the one from Will is 3 months old. I even tried to put her and some crickets in a plastic container for about a hour today but nothing. Am I just worrying for nothing? What can I do?
A little late for me to say this....but it might help for next time or for others who are not aware of was a mistake to put the two together right away. Its always wise to quarantine new animals from whatever animals you had and from each other for a minimum of 6 weeks until you are sure that they are healthy. You now risk losing Will's too if the other one is unhealthy (depending on what is wrong with it). I would still separate them right away.

Its seldom that I have seen a young veiled not eat simply because it was moved to a different spot.

Does the one that you didn't get from Will keep its eyes open? Is it active? Is it drinking? Pooping?

All I can advise at the moment is to keep it well hydrated and keep an eye on it for any symptoms of illness. If it hasn't eaten in a couple of days or shows any signs of not being well, then get it to a vets.
Yes it's eyes are open and it's active, not sure if it is drinking and not sure if it is pooping.
I don't have a extra uv light to seperate them into two cages.
Julie, cut a piece of wood or something to divide the tank into two cages.

The Ambanja girl you picked up from Connie is not used to human interaction. You'll need to gain her trust. It would be best to leave food out for her in her half of the cage.
They have gone to bed for the night so in the morning before I go to work I will see if I can divide the cage somehow. That makes alot of sense because she opens her mouth when we pick her up but settles down quickly. We will divide the cage and then try to give her some alone time for a while till she settles in. I will have to get another cage and light soon because I don't want them together for to long.
Thanks for the help.
They should be fine for a while longer in their 5 gallon sections. All you would need to do is move the basking lamp to the center of the division to offer them both heat in their respective sides. Since the UV lamp you have spans the width of the tank, should be a non issue.
I want to do right by these babies and give them the room and security they want so I am now rearanging cages this morning.
I have a baby bearded dragon and he was in a 25 gallon tank and I have a 65 gallon tank for when he was larger so I moved the dragon to the 65 gallon tank and I put the male from you Will in the 25 gallon and I am giving the female the 15 gallon. I just have to run to town to by a new uv holder and bulb and some more small plants. I sure hope this helps her.
I just noticed she it drinking:)
Things are now good with the babies. I have given them their own tanks and she now is doing much better. Her colour has even improved. My husband seen her eat today and there are three droppings in the bottom of her cage. My daughter has been spending some time with her and she seems to be enjoying the contact a little more.
Here is her cage.

Here is a picture of her today with better colouring.

Here is the tank that Will's baby is in. Is the pothos plant to big for this tank?
Nah, the pothos is awesome. One of the great things about pothos is they are so strong that they are just as easy to clean as silk plants.

Glad to hear shes doing well. If you ever need a mate for her let me know. I have a young male just getting his colours in that is phenominal. (im posting a few photos now)
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