baby chams


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I got ten rudis babies today . they real nice looking and have good grip . these are my first rudis and heard there hard to raise from baby. does any one have any tips . I'll take pic's afther a couple days and when see them eat .
Sorry...I haven't raised enough rudis babies to give you any good information on raising them.

How are they doing?
Iv raised a bunch they do well on fruit flies and then when they are big enough can be switched to crickets, high humidity is good and they did well for me at abour 17-20C when temps went about 25C here they really suffered. I did not use a heat source on mine untill they were 4-5 month but if you do use one make sure it will not heat up the enclosure too much.
thanks for the info . But I ben raising in 15 gallon , lots of plants . mist three times a day and don't lit water build up on the bottom . and feeding field plankton and small baby house fly . lighting been using 40 watt heat light and 10000k bulb and full spectrum bulb on work horse 7 ballast 48". form the salt water world . I really like working with rudis chams.
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