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Hello, I am new to chameleons. My hubby got me an egg in October and it hatched on June 1st. It hatched out of the egg still inside of the sac, so I did some research and there have been some cases of this happening, so I left it alone to let it finish what it needed to do. It fully absorbed the sac except for a piece that was covering it's eyes, the piece began to turn a little moldy, so I removed the piece carefully it slide right off and that was the only piece left from it's sac. The umbilical cord dried up and the egg shell shriveled. Right now it's laying in it's enclosure like it's still in the egg curled up and it's not waking, I don't know what to do. During when it was absorbing the yolk, I did observe it and there was some movement. It's a healthy pastel green color, I don't know what's wrong with it. :( Any help would be appreciated. This is my first chameleon and it's veiled. It also doesn't smell like it has died.


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Can you tell me how old the egg was? What happened just before it hatched and as it hatched?
Can you post a photo of it please but don't leave the lid off the incubation container...assuming you have it still in the done twined.


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There shouldn't have been a sack still on the baby when it was hatching. Are you meaning egg shell?

These might help...

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