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    We have several axolotl for sale. These axolotl have visible iridophores which are gold reflective scales. Some have more than others. Listed below are our wholesale prices. On January 28th, the axolotl from this group will be or over 4 inches in length. At that time, the prices will go up. Now is a great time to get an axolotl of good size for a cheaper price. We have several albino morphs that will be ready for wholesale in February. Please contact us if you are interested in an axolotl or few. You will not be disappointed!

    Axolotl Wholesale (4 Legs 3 inches)

    $8 each
    10 x $6 each
    20 x $5 each
    30 x $4 each
    50+ x $3 each

    *Photos are iPad photos without edits.
    **Sales tax and shipping charges not included.

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