AWOL Update with Pics!


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I know I've been quiet on here for a while now, even though I still lurk. :) I wanted to give y'all picture updates on Paisley's growth.

I reached out to you guys in both public threads and private messages asking for your suggestions in helping Paisley develop. He took a looong time to come into his colors but when he did, it seemed to happen all at once!

All his prominent, sexually dimorphic characteristics all popped up over night (almost lol).

Here's Paisley in his PJs as of 5 minutes ago:

Here are his normal, resting colors that have been more or less stable since August:

And here are his PJs from June showing a shed in progress and the hint of the colors he'd come to develop:

He's pretty trusting of me now! During the summer, he was enjoyed his outside enclosure in the early evening and during the weekend. I upgraded him to a Dragon stand indoors so the outdoor setup is his original, all-screen enclosure.

I love this little dude. He occasionally crawls out on me when I'm putting bugs in his feeder or if I'm messing with his plants. Then he climbs right back in again like it's no big deal (like that isn't incredibly touching as a keeper!?)
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