AWESOME red body blue bar ambilobe

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I am letting go of my some what very hard to find ALL red body(as you can see in the pics) THICK blue bar ambilobe!! I am focusing more on my saltwater aquariums and don't have the time for all of my chams. If you are interested
or have any questions you can email me at: [email protected] He is priced at $350.00 shipped!!
I also offer a live arrival and seven day health guarantee!! These are his all the time resting colors!!
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Hey, did you happen to get him from Vince from screameleons?? I'm asking because your profile pic looks like one of the recent ambanja pics from the site...i could be wrong.. but anyways how old is the red bodied blue barred ambilobe... im actually planning on buying one from him in a week for 350 only its a little over 4 months. your asking the same price and hes definitley not under 5 months. get back when u can thanks!

I would love to get a female red on blue Ambilobe from Chameleon Paradise to mate with my Ambilobe male. Sadly, all the red on blue produced by Chameleon Paradise is related (neices and nephews) to my male Ambilobe. I don't want inbreeding. All these red on blue came from Woodrow (sired by Cyclops) which is the father of my male Ambilobe.
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