awake all day, AND all night?

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so, my female Jackson Olive has become an insomniac - she goes to bed at 8, just like everyone else, then , for the last few days around 10 pm or so, she is back up, moving about off and on all night - I can hear her even at 3 am ! is this something to worry about, or do they just do this off and on? I know there are no crix bugging her ( I dont feed them except by hand) anyone else have this happen, and if so, how long did it last? she seem fine otherwise ~


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Poor Olive. I've never heard of this. Is she in a cool, dark and undisturbed place to sleep?
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my cham actually does that every once in a while sometimes i hear scratching in there cage like there trying to get out its creepy and it happens every once in a while so your not the only one
my chams are always awake at like 5 in the morning and go to bed at 5 no matter what time i turn on my lights which is 7 so its possible she has her own schedule


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I not sure about chams, but my dogs do that. I am in a recliner and have been trying to sleep for a while. Maybe it is the thunder and lighting, I don't know but to bed at about 12 and up since 330 is going to make this a very long day. They don't like storms. The thunder, lighting and rain beating on the skylights are to much for them.
Look at olice's enviorment and see if something is bothering her. Maybe one of the dog's up, wind near her cage, or she just has night mixed up like babies do. Is she as active in the day as she should be? That is all I can think of. No wait maybe she feels unsecure and wants to sleep with mommy.:eek:


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Even with all the lights out, sometimes I hear activity from Smeagie, light fusseling and scratching sounds which go away after a few seconds.

First time, I was concerned and turned on a dim light to see if he was okay.
He was hanging on the screen wall, starring at me like, 'now what do you want at 1am')


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My male boehmei didn't sleep last night at all it was pitch black and alls I heard was him moving on the leaves all night. I know Michigan and Ohio got hit with a storm maybe that had something to do with it?


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My beardie does it sometimes. He goes to sleep at 5pm then I can here him moving around at night, like he cant get comfortable. My conure (parrot) that I had for awhile would have a panic attack at night if his cage was covered. But then again he was momma's boy and he wanted to be where ever I was.
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