Available light.

I have never liked the look of flash in my photography. With the chams spending their first night and full day in their new cage it is amazing what natural light does for you lenses! Hope you enjoy!




One of my under-photographed Mitsio females recovering after a recent clutch, she is really enjoying the SUN!

Je-uel poped her shed at about noon today.


So now that she has laid you can send her up to me right?

Good stuff as always Zerah. Agreed about natural light. Male pardalis will show a lot of different colours that you will never see indoors.


Hope you don't mind.

Do your Parsonii eat their shed ever?
Yes Will they do. Really cool stuff, they actually chase it down and shoot it. Here are two pics of Wasabi after he shot this piece of skin.


Quite an interesting adaptation isnt it!?! Always thought it was neat. I personally have noticed that calyptratus seem to do it more often then pardalis, but have never witnessed it in false pigmy chameleons, although I have Never been able to witness any of mine shedding, neither of my species. Which is beyond me since I spend hours and hours a day within inches of them, watching closely. I suppose since they shed in whole body peices they wouldn't be able to do it.
I have never witnessed my paradlis eating their shed. The parsonii seem to eat 80% of their shed. They are most interesting in all aspects. They have a tendency to do things that make me loose sleep, until I decide they are just weird and do not worry about that thing till they do the next. Lots of sleepless nights since I got into Calumma! But the rewards are just as many, likely one of the best moves I ever made as far as chameleon keeping goes, caused me to rethink everything, and take nothing for granted. Now if I can just find those silly hoehnelii I will be happy with the diversity in my collection, oh and three more parsonii, LOL!
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