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Here's a list of my babies ready to ship
Ambilobes sired by FranklinJr
6-3.5 month males 275.00 shipped
4-3.5to5 month females 245.00 shipped
Nosybe's sired by Mortimer
3-2.5 month males 300 shipped. (Ready to ship sept 16th)
4-2.5 month females 265.00 shipped.(ready to ship sep16th)
NosyFalys sired by"The Donald"(I am only going to let 2 males go at this point)
2-2.75 month males 400.00 shipped
Pictures sent on request.
Feel free to leave a message or text me at 503-704-9406
My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks curt
All 3 Nosybe males are sold! I still have Nosybe females available,along with male and female Ambilobe's, and 1 male NosyFaly
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