August '05 Photo Contest (Closed)

Chameleon Photo Contest August '05

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This is the voting thread for the August '05 chameleon photo contest. I have more plans for the whole contest process, but they are currently still in development. This will have to do until then.

Some useful links:
[THREAD=102]Contest Rules[/THREAD]
Contest Gallery Link

The winner of this month's contest will receive a new Temp Gun PE-2 (Infrared thermometer with laser sight). It is a fantastic little tool that makes it easy to measure the temperature gradients within your cage(s).

Currently, only one vote is allowed per member. As a way to try and curb any abuse, there are restrictions on who can vote. You must be an active member, or at least at one time have participated actively. All rules related to the monthly contests are up for discussion.

Voting ends on August 31. Good luck to everyone who entered a photo :)
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Contest Results

Voting for the August '05 Chameleon Photo Contest has now closed. Congratulations to Chamgirl and Nosferatu!

1st place: Chamgirl
Species: Chamaeleo Trioceros Rudis
Common: Rough or Mountain Chameleon
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Name: Oscar

2nd place: Nosferatu
Species: Chamaeleo Chamaeleo Calyptratus
Common: Veiled Chameleon
Sex: Female
Age: 10 months
Name: Mango

We did not have any submissions for the September contest. I have decided to give Chamgirl a choice of prizes and Nosferatu will receive the remaining prize.
  • A new Temp Gun PE-2 (Infrared thermometer with laser sight)
  • The Chameleons Of Madagascar dvd

This was our first chameleon photo contest. We encountered a few problems, mainly a lack of qualified voters, but I believe that will improve in the near future. I will post October's contest before the weekend.

I am very open to suggestions if you have them. I was on two vacations (galveston and vegas) in August and very busy with work; I really did not get a chance to work on ChameleonForums much. I should be back to my normal schedule hopefully by next week.
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Can I just thank everyone that voted for my Oscar:D

I already own a copy of The Chameleons of Madagascar DVD so I will choose the other prize please. I have sent you a PM Brad with my address in it.

Thanks again XXX
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