Artficial Branches from Dowl Rods


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I was wondering if anyone knows a good easy way to make fake branches out of dowel rods(or well make them look more like real branches).

I was thinking about trying to coat them in coconut husk fiber bedding. Only thing is, I have been having trouble thinking of ways to get the fibers stay on (that isn't toxic or water soluble).
i have seen people just use the dowel rods plain. why do you have to coat them with anything? Just curious.....
Understood! Maybe the coconut fiber is not a good idea though if by chance your cham could eat it.
what about some kind of the rustoleum textured spray paint things?

no idea about the toxicity. but might be fine after it "airs out" for a while.
I was looking at dowels last night at Lowes. If you want them to look more natural, just go out and get some real branches and wittle or skin them down to bare wood. I use a type of bush that grows around here that is similar to a Mimosa tree, being long slender branches with few forks. They look nice in the cages.
I guess if I really wanted to do this, I'd start with dowels that are wider then what I want to finally put in the cage. I'd randomly cut away (the aforementioned: whittle) sections to create a stick that might begin and end on a level, is somewhat bent in between. It's the rare natural stick that's straight. I'd then start abusing it. Hit it with the meat tenderizing hammer, maybe cook it with the heat gun. Take a metal brush and run it up and down the stick as hard as possible...stuff like that.

To be honest, this sounds sort of fun to do. Long ago when I did rubber stamps I'd sometimes "weather" paper to make it look old...this is a similar idea.

If you want to stain it without resorting to paint-like products, you might try soaking it in tea or coffee for a day or two. I guess I'd bake it or hit it with the heat gun after that because you'll need to dry it out.

If you try it, please let me know how it goes. I'm tempted to try it myself just because it seems fun.
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