are you sure your chameleon is eating?


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So I've had my baby Jacksons chameleon since she/he was less than 2months old. It will be 3 months on the 5th. Ever since I've had her, I watch her eat, mainly because she is so little that I was concerned she wasn't eating and so I would watch her eat (when I started feeding her pin head crickets). Recently, I've been giving her extra small pill bugs and crickets. Now she eats maybe one or two back to back and then she starts crawling all over the cage. Since she's been staying outside, bc our temps warmed up, I just leave a cricket or two in the cage and they disappear (assuming she eats them).

So my question is,
do you watch your chameleon eat? Or do you just leave the feeder in there and assumes she eats it?

I even rip the two back legs off the crickets so she has a chance to attack it because as soon as I drop the cricket in the cage, it goes crazy and I feel like she won't get a chance to eat it.


Some days, time permitting, ill stick around and try hand feeding or take him out to free range and feed him there. Other days ill just cup feed, keep a mental note of how many feeders I threw in the cup, and check back after work

if you dont want to cup feed, you can go by the "if he's pooping he's eating" assumption

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I have a nice feeder cup that I made that the crickets can't jump out of. I am able to see if they are all gone or not. My guy that is 3.5 months old is eating about 20 small to medium crickets a day right now.
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