Are the zoo med 60 watt ceramic heater bulbs and the 100 watt ceramic heat bulbs the same size?


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I recently got a Dubia colonly and I’m trying to get the temp in their enclosure to 90 and I’m having hard time doing so. The lady at pet co recommended I get a nano heater and I went with a size bigger just to be safe and it still wasn’t enough. Thank god I didn’t listen to her as my roaches would have probably froze. But basically I bought all the stuff to fit that bulb so my question is if I go and pick up the 100 wat bulb is it the same size as the 60 watt bulb? I know it will fit in the same socket but I mean as far as dimensions go? Because my ceramic light now is just barely not sticking out of my dome housing and I fear if it’s any bigger it will stick out and could possibly be a fire hazard. Here’s a pic of how I have it set up now.


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Yeah if your using the 5.5 inch dome it is only rated for 75 watts and they recommend use with incandescent lights only if I remember correctly.


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Exactly! I was going based on the picture and it definitely appears to be a 5.5 inch dome. And I don’t remember if it’s only for incandescent lights I have one at home I’ll have to check unless WashingtonCham can verify for us.
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