Are my eggs hatching?!?!?!


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I've been looking for sweat on the eggs and thought one was sweating, but it looks like it's oozing. Is this what is called "pipping"? I have never seen them sweat.

The eggs also have gotten a lot bigger recently, but one seems to be "deflating". Is this normal?
Those eggs do no look fertile to me. Yellow usually indicates infertile. They should be bright white from the time they are laid to the time they hatch.

How long have you been incubating them? I assume these are panther eggs?
Veiled eggs laid on October 1. They've been candled and I assure you they are (or at least were) fertile. The eggs had been stained by the topsoil I had used.:D
But thanks for playing.:p
5 babies are out and running around and they are adorable. There are more pipping and have opened ends and I have one more head out. They do have a habit of "prairie doggin" it, don't they?:D
This was the second one to hatch. I entered another similar photo for the photo contest this month.
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