Are Males or Females more docile?(Vieled Chameleon BTW)


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Generally females are more docile, except for a few exceptions. My female was incredibly aggressive, and she has bitten me many, many times.


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yes, females generally have a better temperament but it all depends on the chameleon. along with that females have to lay eggs which in my mind is the most scary part about having a female since its such a risk

Mr. J hahaha

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My male can’t stand me for some reason I have tried and tried to earn his trust but he wants nothing to do with it. My female on the other hand will walk right out onto my arm with no worries.


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I think it totally depends on the Cham. My male is an absolute little love. Sweetest temperament and has been this way with me since I got him at 4 months old.


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Like others have said generally females are supposed to be nicer but I think it comes down to the cham like @Beman said but also the time you put in with them.
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